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Retired from the APS (Australian Public Service) in late 2003 after 41.5 years.
Now spending some time creating a website amongst other things.
A housewife, mother of 3 middle aged (well 35 to 40 year old) adult children.
Now has to put up with Trevor around the house during the week.
Loves taking photos of just about anything that moves or that stands still!
Trevor and Carole
Since Trevor's retirement, we have been on these trips
1) England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Jersey via Japan - in 2004.
2) New Zealand - in 2005.
3) New Zealand - in 2006.
4) Cairns - in September 2006.
5) Via the Ghan to Darwin - just before Easter 2007.
6) Eastern USA and Canada via Japan - in May 2008.
We live in a modest townhouse in suburban Canberra.